Maxx Members,
As we begin re-opening our gyms…


  1. We have completely sanitized, from top to bottom, our club including but not limited to the following: Equipment, Upholstery, Cardio, Kidzz club, Bathrooms, Tanning and everything else we could get our hands on.
  2. We will be adding sanitizing stations throughout the club.
  3. We have posted new signs to our members to please clean the equipment after each use to be respectful to your fellow Maxx members
  4. Our cleaning company will be there throughout the entire day cleaning and sanitizing.
  5. Our staff will also be handling advanced cleaning on a continual basis as well.


  1. Facial coverings of Members are recommended
    1. If a Member chooses not to wear facial covering, they must increase their distance from other members to 14′.
  2. Please wash/sanitize your hands as you enter facility
  3. Please wipe and sanitize equipment before and after each use
  4. Temperatures of all employees will be mandatory.
  5. Temperatures of all members is recommended not mandatory
  6. If you are feeling ill please do not enter the facility
  7. Members must practice social distancing when possible
  8. Group ex and daycare will not be available this week
  9. The water fountain will be unavailable until further notice
  10. Every 3rd Locker will be blocked off
  11. Every other piece of Cardio will be available
  12. Employees will wear facial coverings.

We ask for your patience and guidance as we continue to navigate through these times. We will ask for your help in practicing proper gym etiquette and be mindful of all of our member’s safety.

We will continue to make every effort as we go forward to make the MAXX a cleaner and safer environment for all to enjoy. Our members are our lifeline and their safety is of our utmost concern.

Thank you,
Lets get back to work and keep everyone SAFE!!!!!!!!!!